Forensic Document Examiner.

Handwriting Expert Witness and

Welcome to Applied Research & Forensic Services (ARFS), located 30 miles north of downtown San Diego and about 2.5 hours south of Los Angeles. We have been in private practice  for more than 30  years. For the Consumers’ Protection,  Owner Has Been  Licensed and Regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs  Since 1970. The Licensing Process Includes  Statewide & Nationwide Criminal Background Checks. 

ARFS is Dedicated Virtually Exclusively to the Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents. If You have Documents From Which You Are Attempting to Determine the Source, Origin, Date of Production or Authenticity, We May Be Able to Help You  by Utilizing Our Expertise and Extensive Experience. Your Documents May Include Business Records/Medical Charts/Signatures/Extended Writings/Formal & Holographic Wills/Codicils/Promissory Notes/Grant Deeds/Quit Claims Deeds/Contracts/Insurance Accords or Beneficiary Documents. We Also Provide Expert Witness Testimony. Infrared Analysis, Indented Writings Processed & Analyzed, Counterfeit Detection & Forgery Detection Are Also Part of Our Services. We Now Offer Voice Stress Analysis (a Scientific Alternative to Polygraph Technology) and Latent Fingerprint Processing (visualization).

ARFS Laboratory is Fully Equipped With the Latest Scientific Instrumentation Which Includes Microscopy Analyses, Digital Photomicrography and Photomacrography, Digital Image Enhancement, Ink Differentiation, VIPRE  Computerized Truth Verification Software and  Equipment . Mr. Gonzales is Fluent in Spanish. ARFS is also affiliated with National Academy of Forensic Sciences,